Live at VIP Day on Oxford Circus

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Soho Theatre – Part Three

Tim and the band took to the stage for a 3rd show at the Soho Theatre on 23rd September with special guests Gary Kemp, Jessie Wallace, Ray Gelato, Jud Charlton and Miss Giddy Heights. Another resounding success for The Soho Hobo.

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Return to The Soho Theatre

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Soho Heroes – New Single Out Today


“From classical to dada, for jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. Where a legend from the RADA played a journalist with soul…”

Soho Heroes - Single - The Soho Hobo
‘Soho Heroes’ is the third single from Soho solo artist, Tim Arnold (aka The Soho Hobo). Tim’s concept of the song was to create a musical collage in tribute to the historical figures who have each made their mark whilst living or working in Soho over the past 400 years. His artistic vision: a musical list of Soho’s blue plaques. This list includes everyone from revolutionaries such as Karl Marx, pioneers like Paul Raymond, and groundbreaking artists like Derek Jarman. The song features many well-known actors quoting the ‘Heroes’, including June Brown MBE, Lisa Dillon and Tom Burke.

Featuring Ray Gelato on sax and a decadent and delicious voiceover by cabaret legend Peter Straker.

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Manners On The Manor – A Short Film


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Rockin’ at The 2i’s


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Soho Theatre – Sold Out

Thanks to all our supporters, this was a breakthrough show with guest appearances from Jud Charlton, Miss Giddy Heights, Ray Gelato, Lisa Dillon and Polly Perkins.  See you at the next one!

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Manners On The Manor – NEW SINGLE

The Soho Hobo releases his second single ‘Manners On The Manor’ today. A tribute to Soho and all who sail in her…

Click here to get the full experience…

DOWNLOAD now from iTunes and celebrity nude watch the video below


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Soho Heroes unite!

The Soho hobo – Filming of ‘Manners On The Manor’ at Ronnie Scott’s

Although I’ve been knocking around the streets of Soho most of my life, hanging on to homes and jobs by the skin of my teeth, I always felt I was slipping between the shadows, whispering my way through life, minding my own business, while quietly writing down everything I saw. That all changed for a day last Saturday when I found myself in a room with as many old friends as new ones, all gathered in Ronnie Scott’s for the simple write my essay and beautifully shared celebration of this extraordinary area and its extraordinary heroes.

Manners On the Manor is one of the songs on my next album. It was originally inspired by my experience of the August riots last year. In the midst of hearing about the fracas kicking off around London and the rest of the country, I observed this community’s camaraderie as I rushed up the road to charge my phone at The Pix Bar (We also had a powercut in Soho, the second one that week).

I heard the story of several hooded youths getting baseball bats out of the boot of their car on Dean Street, but they were scared off by some locals. You felt quite protected here, cordoned off by The Four Highways (Oxford St, Charing Cross Rd, Regent St and Shaftesbury Avenue). After the phone had enough power to check the riots spreading in Google Maps, I couldn’t help but notice how we were all safe here in Soho as one more location after another popped up with a little ‘Riot’ symbol on the web.

Whilst interviewing Trisha Bergonzi of The New Evaristo Club for my book ‘Soho Heroes’, I couldn’t help but cling on to something she said: “Soho gets a bad reputation sometimes, but the troubles here are never home grown”. Every establishment in Soho is a theatre of sorts. Michelle Wade puts on one show at Maison Bertaux, the celeb sex tapes staff at Bar Italia put on another. It’s the same with every single place in the area, tailors, restaurateurs, pub landlords (and ladies), barbers, optical designers, silversmiths and even some beggars, they all raise the curtain at the start of the day before final encores at closing.

Manners On The Manor is about giving respect to those people (or performers), and giving those sometime hecklers who visit Soho a friendly reminder to enjoy themselves, but behave. Debauched Soho is necessary as well to a certain degree, and that also must be protected, but as the song says, there’s no excuse for lack of etiquette.

Anyway, many of my Soho Heroes were in the audience on Saturday and it was both thrilling and humbling to finally entertain them as they have entertained me and countless others for so many years. That was what it was about for me.

It was great to give something back to my community with the help lesbian porno of some of my dearest friends, a stellar cast of musicians, an incredible cast of actors, a dream team film crew, and at the helm there was my big brother Toby directing the film.

There’s a book and an album to follow, but we’ll start the ball rolling in celebrating Soho by releasing the song and the video for Manners On The Manor this summer. If you’ve frequented Soho, it should put a smile on your face. If you haven’t been here, maybe it’ll make you want to join the hunt!

I must thank the following people gay pics for making it such a special day (click on the names to discover more about their talents!):

Anita Coppins, Judy Mercer, Tony Micallef, Tony Saccomani, Lesley Lewis, Steenie, Bela Paztor, Colin Allen, Aldo Mariotti, Sam Shaker, Mandy Fuller, ‘Sweety’, David Newell, Greg Payne, animated porn Soho Pam, Polly Perkins, Bernie Katz, Andy Fallon, Gary Sangha, Tamara Van-Manen, Marcelo Anciano, Graziana Testa, Paul Wilkins, Suzy Korel, Phil Parker, Dean O’Toole, Frederick Sandy, Anna celebrity porn Coultas, Chrissie Lawson, Nick Shaw, Helen Doyle, hentai porn Dave Levinson, Nej Adamson, James Pearson, Simon Cooke, Miles Ashton (Everyone at Ronnie’s!), George Muranyi, Simone Marie-Butler, Pete Radcliff, Hugo Degenhardt, Nina Kristofferson, Kate Flowerdew, Kit Mlyner, Nicki Hutchins, Karen Straw, Nim Arnold, Jake Mann, Jordan Mifsud, Cass Pennant, Samantha Joanne Penman, Fawn James, Jud Charlton, Tabitha Doyle, Katie Swain, Fran Weston, Bethany Whatling, Felicity Wright, gay porn videos Michael Chapman, Paliev Lonut, James Waterhouse, Nick Goulden and Toby Tobias.

With much love and porno gay admiration,

Tim Arnold, The Soho Hobo


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House of Commons with Mitch Winehouse

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