‘His granddaddy filled the Revue Deville. His mother was a teenage nude…’

TIM essay writing service ARNOLD – aka @thesohohobo

Soho is Tim Arnold, and Tim Arnold is Soho. In the 1950’s his comedian grandfather worked with the legendary Paul Raymond, in the 1960’s his mother danced her way into W1 history at the Windmill Theatre and his phone sex video first memory, aged eight, is the view from the stage door of the Queens Theatre. Arnold has lived, and honed his craft as a singer songwriter in Soho for 18 years.

Signing his first record deal with Sony as celebrity nude the front man of 90’s Britpop band, Jocasta, Tim began a successful career that has established him as a respected songwriter and solo artist.  His next album ‘The Soho Hobo’ has already been praised in the national press as “the concept album that Ray Davies never wrote about Soho…”

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