The Soho Hobo album

The Soho Hobo album now available to Pre-order on CD HERE

And on iTunes HERE

Soho Hobo Poster + credits

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Come to the album launch!

The Soho Hobo album is out this July, but you can grab one of 100 limited edition CDs at the album launch on the 10th May.
For full details, visit Soho Theatre


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The Reservation

The Soho Hobo is starting a new club night…The Reservation

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Live at Ronnie Scott’s with Gary Kemp

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The Soho Hobo – Isle of Wight Festival

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Stars of Stage and Screen Ask The Mayor To Save Soho


Last Saturday, along with fellow performer Abigail O’Neil and theatrical producer Alexander Parsonage, I led a funeral procession through the streets of Soho to bid a final farewell to our beloved Madame Jo Jo’s. As a resident, and as someone who has attended and performed at the venue since the mid 1990′s, it felt like a final nail in the coffin of the Soho that I know and love.


Photo © Juliet Hardcore Porn Shalam

Whilst I agree with the landlords and their idea that Soho must continue to evolve and modernise, I do not think that Soho institutions should be completely demolished. Soho evolves by making new additions to the area, not subtractions. Like many other people who are passionate about Madame Jo Jo’s, I thought “What can I do?”. Other than continue to write even more songs about our precious golden mile, I can’t do very much. None of us can. However, we can try to mobilise a plan for the future so this does not happen to any more Soho institutions.

I would like to see a performing gay sex video arts committee or organisation created that will always be informed by Westminster Council whenever they recieve planing applications for redevelopments that have a direct impact on the performing arts community. If this had already been in place last year when the redevelopment applications for Walker’s Court were submitted, the performing arts community could have made it’s own plans. Plans to fight for Madame Jo Jo’s or work in conjunction with the landlords to find a solution to the problem we now face: The plight of the club’s followers, promoters and performers. Put simply, a lot of performing art has just been evicted and is now homeless.


2014-12-02-BenandTimworkingonTimsalbumSonnet155in2010PHOTOTIMARNOLD.jpg Photo porn cartoon © Sonnet 155

In the last 24 hours, I have called everyone I have ever performed with or met in the entertainment industry and asked them for their support. Luckily, for Soho, they have all felt as moved as I have been about Jo Jo’s and are now all cosignatories in a letter that I have sent to Boris Johnson – The Mayor of London, whom I hope will become pro-active in preserving Soho’s past as it moves into the future. The letter can be read here.


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The Soho Hobo Calling BoJo

Click here for Tim’s Letter to Boris Johnson

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The Piccadilly Trot – Limited Edition 7″ Single

1 of 250 limited edition 7″ buy generic viagra online vinyl copies of The Piccadilly Trot could be yours!

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It’s here! The Piccadilly Trot!

Featuring Steve Furst as Lenny Beige and Jessie Wallace as Marie Lloyd


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The Piccadilly Trot – Film Shoot

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